Carrots Nutrition Facts For Better Understanding The Vegetable

Carrot is a delicious vegetable, which is high in nutrition and can make us healthy on daily consumption. Actually, carrot is a root vegetable. This sweet vegetable can be consumed in various ways, either cooked or uncooked. Furthermore, we can make juice from carrots and enjoy it as a healthy drink. This vegetable is used for making yummy desserts buy codeine uk in many regions of the world. In a sentence, it can be called the ideal vegetable for making health and getting rid of many diseases.

Carrots contain a high level of good nutrition for health. The carrots nutrition facts for one hundred gram of carrot can supply 9.58 g carbohydrates, 0.6 g protein, 0.4 g fat, 2.4 g dietary fibers and 37Kcal energy. Carrot contains no cholesterol, which is added benefit of consuming carrots as it gives us energy with no extra cholesterol. Among the vitamins, carrot has vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Other than these carrots is the source of Folate, Niacin, Thiamin and Riboflavin. Per hundredth gram carrot has a high level of minerals, for example, Calcium (33 mg), Magnesium (12 mg), Phosphorus (35 mg). Other than these minerals, carrot also has Copper, Iron and Zinc. Electrolytes that are useful for human body can be gained by eating carrots. Such items are Potassium and Sodium. Carrots are rich in these two elements. One hundred gram carrot can provide 320 mg Potassium and 69 gram Sodium.

The content of carrot nutrition facts is really good for human body. Because of the richness in nutrition, carrots are used by many to avoid diseases. Diseases such as hypertension can be reduced by drinking carrot juice every day. Anyone can fight again hypertension by drinking 100 ml carrot juice daily for two times. Carrots can work like magic for fighting back against constipation and dry dull eyes. Patients who have a tough cough for a long period of time; they can make therapies using carrots. High fiber in carrots helps to have a good digestion system. Furthermore, vitamin C that is gained from carrots can be sufficient for our body needs.

Carrot has been recommended by doctors to prevent bad eye sight, cancer and cardiovascular related diseases. Carrots can make the heart healthy by decreasing chances of heart diseases. Actually, carotenoids can decrease the likelihood of heart diseases. Studies have found that people who include carrots in their daily diet charts are likely to have reduced the risk for heart diseases significantly. Not only heart diseases, diseases like breast cancers can be avoided with a sufficient amount of carotenoid consumption.

Carrots also contain beta carotene, which is later converted into vitamin A after digestion. Vitamin A is really good for having sharp eye sight and for stopping elderly blindness. Nowadays, an increasing concern is for the bad effects of smoking. People who smoke or who are exposed to indirect effects of smoking can save themselves from the bad sides of smoking by eating a sufficient amount of carrots. A research has found positive results between vitamin A and reduction of bad effects of smoking. As we already know that carrots can supply vitamin A to our body, so logically carrots are able to save us from the dreadful effects of smoking. People, who consume a high amount of carrots, can live healthy life for longer even after smoking.

To have the nutrition benefits from carrots, you can buy them any time from the market. Fresh carrots can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days without hampering the nutrition values. Enjoy carrots as energizing juices or in salads, curries, soups and milkshakes. Now you know about the carrot nutrition facts, so enjoy eating a carrot and live in a healthy, playful life.